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Recovery Path for Family and Friends

For people in recovery

Recovery Path allows you to navigate your unique path to sustained recovery, share progress with others, and receive support.
Recovery Path for Addiction Recovery

Never be alone. Connect with your care team, sponsor, or loved ones for in-app support

Receive daily inspiration and rewards that delight

Build enjoyable activities into your days and plan ahead for risky events

Access over 100 strategies for overcoming cravings and triggers

Find nearby community meetings


This app has everything imaginable that you will need to stay on track. They have done an awesome job on this I would recommend everybody to try this out that needs help I'm just amazed that I'm so thrilled and happy that they made this app. Thank you!

-Carol W.


I can do as much or as little as I want with this app. I like it because its not too intrusive and is quite simple to use. There is no judgement, just mild acknowledgement of slip ups and positive communication. I don't feel put upon or bad for tracking my behaviour and understanding a bit more about myself and my problems.

-C Forbes


This app let's me track every aspect involved in my recovery, from days sober, cravings, triggers etc right through to places to avoid, high risk situations and unplanned events. Family, friends and my health professionals can access my progress if I invite them to. I recommend this app if u really want to monitor ur thoughts, behaviors and triggers etc

-Tracy R.


It is so in depth and detailed about not just drug use but also forces you to look at your feelings, coping skills, triggers, and helps you to work thru all of these and helps you to find ways to deal with them. I love this app

-Rebekah M.


I have downloaded many recovery/cbt/ self help aps and this one is one of the best! It is thorough and has many options for identifying and dealing with recovery issues! Also doesn't bait u and then ask for money! It's free and WORTH IT! I really like it..think I'll keep it!!

-Dacia T.


For someone that is honest, willing, and teachable, this app is an amazing resource. It is a constant reminder of why an individual uses, the trouble it caused, and why you shouldn't use again in the future. You can set problem locations and situations that can alert loved ones or other accountability people in your life. You can find meetings. Track your progress with morning and afternoon check ins! Do yourself a favor and download this app!!

-Harley S.

For healthcare providers
and care teams

Deliver connected, life-changing care while saving time
Recovery Path for Clinicians

Boost patient access to and engagement in
recovery in their daily lives.

Prevent relapse by delivering evidence-based
interventions in high risk moments.

View patient progress and outcome data to
deliver personalized care.

Link with other members of the care team to
stay up-to-date and on the same page

Integrate cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational
interviewing, and community reinforcement approaches

Recovery Path for Clinicians
Recovery Path for Family and Friends

For people who
love and support
someone in recovery

Help keep your loved one on track with encouragement,
celebration of the little victories that add up to big progress,
and by planning ahead to help avoid risky situations.
Recovery Path for Family and Friends
Recovery Path Logo

For Sponsors & Mentors

The dedication you have to helping people is amazing.
It strikes at the heart of being human. We’ve built you a tool
that we hope will make your impact that much
greater with minimal extra effort.
Recovery Path for Sponsors and Mentors
Recovery Path for Sponsors and Mentors

For Health Plans

Provide evidence-based digital support for your population and engage provider
networks to deliver outcomes and cost-savings at scale.